New Year's Resolutions and Goals


Hello Thrive! My name is Jalen Jimenez and I am the Treatment Director for Milestones in Alexandria, MN. Can you believe that 2018 is coming to an end and 2019 will begin?

Each new year we set goals for ourselves, but how often do New Year’s resolutions get completed? The statistics show a low number of persons actually follow through completely with their resolutions. I find this to be interesting because a new goal paired up with a brand new, clean-slated year should result with tons of accomplishments, “New Year, New Me”, as many people like to say. So, what can we do to follow through with New Year’s goals in order to keep ourselves resilient?

We first have to reflect on what type of person we have become within the last year. Have we attracted negativity or positivity? Have we attracted wealth or poverty? Have we attracted heartache or love? Taking into consideration WHO we were in 2018 will better assist us in setting and achieving New Year’s resolutions. If we set goals for ourselves that are out of scope with who we have become in the last year, these goals are less likely to be completed. You can attract success by the person you become. Reflection can be a powerful tool, so when setting goals, let’s reflect on what we can accomplish right now.

The second factor into the completion of New Year’s resolutions is trying to find a way to put your body into motion before your brain convinces you otherwise. One has to make the decision to physically begin tasks for the goal and our mind will follow those prompts. The level of responsibility you take for your life has a strong and direct correlation with your level of contentment and happiness. How do you fill the gap and bring yourself to follow through with what you’ve learned or have been inspired to do?

Here’s to your success in 2019!