Your Choices Have Power


Life is a matter of choices. From the second we get up in the morning, we make choices that alter the course of our life. Some of our choices are so routine that we don’t even think about them. From the choices of what we eat, to the choice of what we wear; it is these small choices that ultimately make up who we are and where we go in life. The power of mindfulness can allow us to make wiser choices; the ones that lead us toward living happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

The choices we make every day are powerful and shape us in every move we make. They can either feed our souls or drain us to the point of completion. They can lead us down a path of negativity, or they can wake us up physically and spiritually. They can move us a few steps closer to illness or one step closer to stability. They can disconnect us or reconnect us with people, places, and things around us.

The choices we make on a daily basis, are moments in our lives that are slowly shaping who we are and who we choose to be. Through these choices, we are creating a future for ourselves and the individuals around us. We often forget how impactful our day-to-day choices are and they power they hold. It is through these choices that shape our character and outline our quality of life.

Today, let’s make the choice to be more mindful of the small choices we make throughout the day. Let’s remember that it is all the small choices that we make that shapes us as human beings and shapes the world we live in. One small choice can change the world.