Welcome to The Thrive Blog!


My name is Matthew Darnold and welcome to Thrive’s new blog!

I am the Treatment Director at Willow Haven IRTS program in Lake Elmo, MN and I am pleased to announce the launch of Thrive Behavioral Network’s new blog! I hope to create a place where all of us at Thrive can share ideas, stories, and updates from all around our programs. Stories can range anywhere from conferences you attend, to topics on mental health, chemical health, healthy lifestyle, and events you hold at your program or community. Employees like me are spread throughout the state of Minnesota and my hope is that through this blog our stories and experiences will bring us a little closer together.

Our blog will post bi-weekly and I’m counting on input from all employees of Thrive. We also want to encourage all staff to read the articles, as well as “like” and comment on a specific blog to share ideas about what you might be doing at your programs.

One of my self-care strategies and ways to avoid burn out in this field is to go to trainings and learn new ideas to stay up-to-date in this field. My hope is that we can use this platform to do just that! Let’s learn from each other through this blog experience that will be created every other week so we can implement new ideas into our programs.

Again, I want to continue to encourage all staff, if they aspire to, to let me know of any possible posts they’d like to share in the upcoming months. You can contact me directly through email or through your Director and we can figure out a timeline to share your article. This blog’s success will be determined by everyone pitching in and sharing ideas and I think we have a lot of great ones throughout the company! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new posts!

Matt Darnold

Treatment Director
Willow Haven