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The Thrive Store!

Currently, the clothing sections of the Thrive Store are closed and will reopen in August 2019.

The Thrive-branded Mugs are still available for orders.


6 mugs ordered

mugs order will be placed once we have
a minimum of 24 mugs ordered

updated September 11, 2018

Thrive Store

All items listed in the Thrive Store are the cost of that item. Thrive passes that cost directly to you, and does not make money from the sale of any item in the store.

Price - how much does each item cost?

Please note that the initial price of an item is before you select any options. Options such as additional embroidery or larger sizes will increase the price of that item. As you make those selections, the the price will reflect those increases.

ORDERING - How do I order an item(s)?

Please review the Thrive Store Ordering Process document here for step-by-step detailed instructions on ordering.

Payment - How do I pay for my item?

Once the store closes and all orders are placed with the vendor, your total amount will be delivered to accounting, divided in half, and deducted from two separate paychecks that follow the date of the order. These dates will be announced at the time the store closes so there's no surprises.

Time of Order - when will your order be placed?

In order to keep the prices of the items lower, we need to order in volume. To achieve these price, we need to order over 72 clothing items and over 24 mugs. Once those levels are reached, a company-wide announcement will be made notifying everyone that the store will be closing in 7 days to allow everyone to place their last minute orders. A counter in the top of this webpage will be updated weekly of our current item counts.

Delivery - How and when will I receive my order?

Once the order is officially placed with our vendor, it typically takes 10-14 days before they're done. At that time, all clothing will be divided up and delivered to your Director of Program Management. They will then deliver the clothing to your facility the next time they have a scheduled trip. This saves us additional money on shipping & handling charges.


Prior to the closing of the store, you may change or cancel any order. Please contact Jody Langer via email with your requests. Once the store is officially closed and the order is placed with the vendor, all sales are final.

Return or Exchange Policy

All sales are final. Only manufacturer defects with your item may be returned. Please contact Jody Langer via email with these requests.

Now that you've read and understand the Thrive Store, let the fun begin!